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The perfect time to consult

More and more automotive retailers are calling on our consultants for business-critical support – harnessing our detailed knowledge of dealer management systems and third-party solutions plus extensive motor industry experience to ensure commercial goals, business processes and IT systems are all perfectly aligned.

At KCS Automotive we’ve built a reputation for delivering highly effective and professional business consultancy services.

Whether it’s bespoke IT systems advice, project management support or process improvement, our experts are helping dealers to work smarter and boost profitability in a myriad of ways.

From the boardroom to the showroom, our consultants have retailer and OEM experience in all mainstream DMS solutions and cover all key operational business areas including Lead Management, Sales, CRM, Service, Parts, Accounts and IT Administration.

If you’re planning a large scale DMS roll-out project then we can take the lead on project implementation or support delivery of specific elements to help achieve planned timescales.

We also provide advice and support regarding data management, data back-up and storage, business continuity planning and disaster recovery.

In fact, right now our data specialists are in high demand helping clients identify and understand where to find key performance data – then creating and running reports that track a range of key metrics on a regular basis to inform commercial decision making.

This seamless connection of systems, processes and people means our clients can react quicker when there are problems or act fast to invest in the areas that will have the greatest positive impact on their businesses.

So why outsource?

The benefits of outsourcing support of this kind have been proven over the years but we find there are three common threads that drive decisions to bring in our teams:

1. Achieving commercial goals in a cost-effective way

If IT systems or process development is not a core service of your business then recruiting, training and supporting your own employees to take on those responsibilities can be expensive and an unnecessary investment – especially if the need for that support isn’t constant.

It is much more cost-effective to bring in the skills and knowledge when you need it – outsourcing at the right time to get help to see a project through to conclusion and then hitting pause until the next challenge or opportunity arises.

By working in this way you can ensure your teams are focused on what they do best – driving revenue and profit while the specialists take care of standalone IT and systems projects.

2. Getting things done quickly

A quality outsourced consultancy business will have the resources and skills to start new projects right away whereas handling the same project in-house might be more time consuming.

For example, it could take you weeks or months to find the right people, hire them, train them, and provide the support they need.

However, when you work with a reputable consultancy like KCS Automotive, we have teams that can make a difference in your business from day one – using years of industry and technical insight to quickly spot opportunities for improvement and initiate plans to tackle problems immediately.

3. A powerful combination of skills and experience

When you work with KCS Automotive you don’t simply get support from one specialist – instead you have access to a team of people that have worked in the many different facets of the automotive retail space.

It’s an extensive knowledge pool to have at your disposal with a huge depth of experience and insight to call upon. It means we can work together to solve challenges, share best practice in a range of areas and apply a range of perspectives to quickly overcome more complex challenges.

So, ultimately, it’s a combination of knowledge, efficiency and industry insight that has kept us at the forefront for 15 years.

Our team is your team and, as you can see, it’s a hugely powerful one to be able to rely upon during a time of unprecedented change.

If you’re looking for a team to devise, manage and deliver important IT, technology and business enhancement projects in your automotive enterprise then contact us today on +44 (0) 1635 905 985 or email enquiries@kcslimited.co.uk

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