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We are offering a number of free reports so you can test the quality of the data in your dealer management system.

We are offering both DRIVE and Rev8 versions of each report. To get your file simply fill in the form below and our team will be in touch ASAP.

Free reports include:

Overdue VHC Reminders
This report counts the number of VHC reminders for all branches that have gone past their follow-up date and that have not been added to a WIP or marked with a lost sale status.

There are no user inputs required and the report output is a single line total indicating the number of jobs, parts and labour values outstanding.  

Ideally, this should be as close to zero as possible as work will either be booked in and sold, or marked as lost sold after following up with the customer.
Reserved Parts With No Booking Date
This report is to be run at POS company/branch level and displays the details of any service department WIPs where there are parts lines reserved for a customer job but with no date booked against the WIP. No input is required to run the report, the output format is as follows:

- WIP number
- WIP status
- Parts status
- Date created
- RegNo
- Customer
Parts Low Profit Monitor
This report will generate a list of parts that were sold below the percentage added on the report during a specific time period (specified by you).

The idea of the report is to identify where items are being over-discounted. This can be addressed by training or setting up a full discount matrix within POS and restricting discounts allowed.
Excess Stock
This lists all parts where the stock quantity on hand is above the average monthly sales history and therefore seen as excess stock.

This can be caused by parameters in Stock Management being incorrect, or no parts returns procedure in place.

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