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Founded in 2006, KCS Automotive offers a truly bespoke service to help OEMs, dealer groups and individual retailers get the very best from their software, systems and processes.

Pioneering experts

By offering tailored advice, our consultants help clients to integrate solutions into their businesses in the most effective way possible.  

We then work closely with client teams to unlock the benefits that will overcome immediate operational challenges and make a tangible difference to their working lives on a daily basis.  

Across the years, we’ve built up a detailed knowledge of - and experience using - an extensive list of dealer management systems and third-party solutions. 

However, our real skill comes in being able to combine this with an understanding of the challenges of automotive retailing at all levels to ensure IT systems and business strategy are completely synchronised to deliver commercial success.

Two sales managers using computers in a car showroom
Meet The KCS Automotive Team

A proven team of automotive technology problem solvers

Ritchie Kelk
Helen White
Jim Darrah
Mark Gatland
Middle East
Consultancy Manager
Terry Fielding
Senior Finance
Linda Gilmour
Senior Aftersales
Wendy Heinson
Senior Finance
Terence Herbert
Senior Documents Specialist
Steve Legge
Senior Aftersales Consultant
Jonathan Main
Senior Technical Consultant
Ricky Miles
Senior Aftersales Consultant
Jacque Nelson
Senior Documents Specialist
Gareth Pinchin
Senior Project
Paul Styles
Senior Print Format Consultant
Ben Trafford
Senior Project
James Watts
Senior Project
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Our values

Our long-term success has been built on 4 simple values:

We understand our clients’ needs
We support our clients’ at all times
We focus on where we can add value
We deliver on our promises

By staying true to these principles, we have grown to include a valuable network of first-class consultants who work as an intrinsic team.

They provide expert automotive systems advice and technical implementation alongside third-party system integration and support to OEMs, franchised dealer networks and other independent motor dealers.

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