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Using AI conversations to nurture and engage leads

How can you use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your customer interactions, engage prospects in profitable conversations and prioritise the warmest leads?

Customer enquiries can arrive from a number of places.

There might be a burst from an effective marketing campaign that excites and inspires potential customers to make contact with your team.

It could be a proactive prospect who, in today’s competitive market, is reaching out to multiple dealerships in the knowledge that they will deal with the one that responds first – or actually takes the time to respond at all.

They could be residing in your database.

As digital channels make it easier to initiate contact with a dealership – and with people spending more time at home – it’s easy to see how enquiries can soon mount up.

Maximising Potential

But, with resource under pressure in the dealership, how can you prioritise which enquiries to follow up first and how can you be sure they are being followed up effectively?

That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) can really help.

With an effective nurturing process, you can use AI to communicate with your prospects via email, text or chat to a point where:

  • The prospect is warmed up, engaged and ready to be handed over to a member of the Sales Team for human interaction
  • The communication can be paused until an agreed future date when the AI will start communicating again exactly as agreed
  • The communication can confidently be ended and no more time wasted on fruitless discussions

Introducing AI Assistant

Our AI Assistant is transforming sales conversion for automotive retailers across the UK. When a lead comes in and is fed into our AI email nurturing process the AI Assistant can qualify and action any questions and next steps, it can talk about pricing or make a note to re-connect in the future.  

Then, at the point the customer is ready, the AI can pass a lead directly to the Sales Executive’s diary - giving the customer the opportunity to pick the best time to talk, improving the customer experience and increasing the chances of conversion.

A New Level Of Communication

This approach is much more sophisticated than traditional email marketing automation. With effective use of AI you can personalise every interaction in line with customer feedback, the AI can predict the best response for the customer and can nurture an enquiry from cold to hot.

AI will continue to follow-up until a final end point is reached. Unless specifically requested by the customer, it won’t give up contact after just one, two or three attempts - increasing the chances of further engagement with the Sales Team and a successful conversion.  

It can be used to generate new enquiries, follow-up with inbound enquiries or reignite lost leads.

It’s an innovative way to ensure intelligent conversations are the norm in your business.

And we can help you make it all happen - ready to talk?

For more information about how we can help you introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into your automotive business please email enquiries@kcslimited.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 1635 905 985.

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